We built Candu with 7 Design Principles:

  1. Keep the user in-app — Since you’ve gone to the trouble of bring users into your application, let’s keep them there.
  2. Look and feel like your product, forever — Candu syncs to your product’s style guide. So you can swap and modify content while maintaining seamless design experience.
  3. Code-free edits — Candu’s Editor makes it easy to create, modify and test content without writing new lines of code. So you can dig into your idea backlog.
  4. Plays well with others — Candu integrates your existing content sources — from YouTube to Zendesk, so you don’t need to manage content in multiple locations.
  5. Targeted delivery — With flexible targeting rules, you can decide which users should see what content and when.
  6. Measure what matters — By tracking in-product events, Candu helps you understand when your content is performing and when it isn’t.
  7. Always be learning — Every time a user interacts with your content, Candu learns whether it had the an impact her behavior. Over time, Candu will recommend the next best piece of content for each user’s journey into your product.

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